Semi Gloss versus Eggshell : Which One Is Better For Your House?

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semi gloss versus eggshell
semi gloss versus eggshell – image credit link : picserver

Semi gloss versus eggshell, which one is better? Both are washable and preferred in many areas of the home, but it depends on the style and level of sheen you’re looking for. Somewhere between eggshell paints and semi-gloss paints, eggshell paints have a low gloss that resembles the surface of an egg shell. 

Ideal for use in moderately crowded areas such as bedrooms and living rooms Semi-gloss paint, on the other hand, has a higher gloss and is ideal for trim, skirting, and woodwork. Regardless of gloss level, eggshell paints and semi-gloss paints have a lot to offer for your favorite interior paints and DIY artwork coats. Therefore, we are here to provide you with these must-haves to find the perfect paint finish for you.

Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell, What Is The Difference?

Eggshell paint is unobtrusive, and semi-gloss paint gives a reflective surface. This makes eggshell paint suitable for creating a subtle glow in rooms and paintings. Semi-gloss paints are preferred as they give vivid, bright life to the paint colors.

  1. Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell Appearance

The low gloss of eggshell paint makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and more. It doesn’t have enough gloss to change the color of the paint, so it makes for a clean and simple style.

On the other hand, semi-gloss paint is not suitable for large areas due to its high glossiness. Its high gloss makes the paint darker in color after drying. It is therefore ideal for use in tight spaces such as trim, doors, and skirting boards.

  1. Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell Texture

The eggshell coating side is from the egg skin comparison. Its smooth, subtle shine makes it a popular eggshell coating in areas with moderate traffic. The color of the paint may fade slightly after it dries, but it is still more subtle than semi-gloss paint.

  1. Durability of Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell

Semi-gloss paint is more durable than eggshell paint because it resists moisture and can withstand heavy cleaning without losing its gloss. Eggshell paints are not as glossy as semi-gloss paints, fade quickly, and cannot handle heavy maintenance.

  1. Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell Cost

Eggshell appearance and semi-gloss prices vary by brand. On average, it costs between $2 and $10. For example, see the table below for the same brand.

What Is Semi-Gloss Paint?

Semi-gloss paint reflects more light than eggshell paint. Its gloss level ranges from 30 to 75%, giving it a reflective surface. Semi-gloss paint is usually better for smaller spaces because reflections create more space.

However, it can be difficult to apply as it is susceptible to visible brush strokes. For application, we recommend starting from top to bottom or using a single sweep strategy for an even gloss. Semi-gloss paint still has many advantages, but consider the disadvantages of using it as well.

Pros :

  • Ideal for high traffic areas and tight spaces such as trim, doors, fence panels, driveways, and woodwork 

  • Easy to clean

  • More durable and moisture resistant

  • Perfect for hard-working rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms

  • Mold resistant

  • Withstand wear

  • Great finish for children and pets

Cons :

  • Difficult to apply

  • Finishing highlights

  • Make cracks in the wall stand out

  • Dries longer than eggshell paint

When should I use semi gloss paint?

The semi-gloss paint finish is ideal for use in small spaces and on furniture with architectural details. Because semi-gloss coatings are reflective, they are not suitable for large areas, as dents and dings are noticeable. However, there are exceptions, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Glossy paint is best for use in these areas because it can withstand the moisture, mildew, and mold that normally occur there.

What Is Eggshell Coating?

The sheen of eggshell paint falls somewhere between flat paint and satin paint. Its gloss level ranges from 10–25%. Because of its low gloss, it is also popular with designers because of its affordability and durability. Eggshell paint is easier to apply than semi-gloss paint using the roller and wiping method. Eggshell paint may be the best option, but you should still keep in mind its drawbacks. You can check it out below.

Pros :

  • Ideal for use in areas with moderate traffic and large spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and siding 

  • Low maintenance 

  • Easy to apply 

  • Better to hide wall imperfections 

  • Reasonable cost

  • Dries faster than semi-gloss paint


  • Less Durable Than Semi-Gloss Paint

  • Can’t Stand Heavy Cleaning.

  • Noteworthy Finish

What Is Eggshell Paint Used For?

The eggshell paint finish has a low gloss and is ideal for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, and living rooms. It works well with neutrals and whites and provides just the right amount of coverage to cover blemishes.

Which Is Better For Walls: Semi Gloss Versus Eggshell?

Eggshell paint is a great alternative to semi-gloss on walls. It hides imperfections better and is easier to clean. Simply use a cloth dampened with water. Semi-gloss paints are highly reflective and tend to show imperfections.

Semi-gloss paint, however, is best used on exterior walls because of its durability, which is essential for harsh weather and long-term wear. They are also easy to clean with no risk of losing their shine, making them ideal for regular maintenance.

What Is The Difference Between Semi Gloss Vs Eggshell Paint?

Eggshell and semi-gloss paints give your home a variety of styles, and if you want a minimalist look, eggshell paint has you covered. But if you want your room to have fun and vibrant colors, semi-gloss paint is the way to go.

  1. Large Rooms

Eggshell paint is generally preferred for large rooms because it is glossy enough to clean. It’s also popular with designers who want to sell their homes because it doesn’t stand out from scratches and covers holes and stains well.

Eggshell paint is also great for ceilings, as it requires very little maintenance compared to semi-gloss paint. Between eggshell and semi-gloss exteriors, eggshell is still the favorite. Its luster is sufficient to reflect light, and it also has moderate durability.

  1. Kitchen and playroom

Hardworking rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms are great places to use semi-gloss paint. It provides resistance to moisture, mildew, and fungi, so the paint and gloss last longer than eggshell paint.

Semi-gloss paint is also suitable for deep cleaning rooms such as playrooms, where fingerprints, marks, and scratches are common. It has a high gloss and does not lose its luster even with rough rubbing, making it very durable for cleaning.

  1. Interior and Garage

Where eggshell paint is suitable for large areas, semi-gloss paint is suitable for smaller areas such as interior furniture, trim, and baseboards. Its high-gloss finish tends to accentuate marks and scratches, so it’s only suitable for small areas. By using a semi-gloss paint, you can highlight the architectural points of the furniture.

However, there are exceptions where semi-gloss paint can be used in large spaces, such as garages. The garage has dirt and scratches that can be removed by cleaning. Semi-gloss paint is ideal as it requires regular maintenance.

You can choose eggshell or semi-gloss paint depending on your preference. An eggshell paint is great for hiding some imperfections and providing moderate durability. Semi-gloss paint, however, tends to highlight imperfections but provides a more durable and long-lasting coating. Eggshell paint is therefore suitable for large areas of the home, while semi-gloss paint is ideal for trim, doors, furniture, and woodwork.

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