Tips to Choose the Best Dark Green Paint Colors for House and Room

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best dark green paint colors
best dark green paint colors – image credit link : cottonbro studio

What are the best dark green paint colors for a house? This question might pop up inside your mind when you are planning to remodel your house or rooms. It becomes a much more important question when green is your favorite color and you want to use it in the room where you spend most of your time. 

There is no fixed answer to that question. First of all, there are many types of dark green colors you can apply to your room or house. It is all about your preference and personality. Some people might see the green color you chose as bad or unappealing. But, you have the freedom to decide the color of your room. As long as you are comfortable with that green, that is enough.

Of course, we also can’t ignore the popular dark green choice that many people and designers used in their works. That will be a great reference for you who want to choose that color for your room. For that reason, we have collected several types of dark green colors here. They are known as the popular dark green painting for the room. 

Top 10 the Best Dark Green Paint Colors

Here, we have 10 dark green paint colors that you can try for your room or house. Some of them are well-known as the color in various famous places and even palaces. So, get ready to make your house even more special with them. 

  1. Olive Green

Olive green is the best choice for you who want to create a calm vibe. Furthermore, olive green is also suitable for any room, from the office to the bedroom, this color matches all situations. The best area where you can use this color is the wall and mantel area. Then, combine it with luxurious finishes and vintage furniture; you will get a calm and relaxing vibe, like when you spend your evening at one of London’s social clubs.

  1. Black Forest Green

This type of dark green is a combination of natural green with a bit of black, which is a perfect choice as the shade for your bathroom. It is not only calming, but this dark green color also makes your bathroom look unique. One of the most popular black forest green is the paint color released by Benjamin Moore. Try to pair it with a clover pattern, and you will get the classic beauty view for your bathroom.

  1. Deep Gray-Green

Another best choice in the dark green paint category is the deep gray-green color. Many vacation homes use this type of green for its bedroom. It is reasonable because this green color creates a calming effect. You can find one of the best applications of deep gray-green on the Anderson Island cabin bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier.

  1. Emerald Green

The emerald green wall is seen a lot in many mudroom areas of the house. One of the best examples is Juan Carretero’s home design in New York. The designer also uses one of the popular Emerald Green colors, which is Sherwin-Williams Country Square. 

You also can use this type of color because it has a warm vibe, which is a perfect choice to welcome anyone who enters your house. Thus, you use it for the mudroom wall. To complement the dark green paint in the room, use black and white tiles and vintage-style furniture.

  1. Moss Green

Moss Green is one of the dark green paint colors that have a unique effect. The room where you use it will give you a warm vibe. Some people call this color the way to make your room feels like a spa or an oasis. That also makes this color become one of the most popular dark green paint colors for a house in a subtropical climate area.

  1. Clay Green

Sometimes, we need a room with a darker color that can set our mood instantly. However, if you use black, without knowledge, it will only make your room look gloomy. The easiest solution is the Clay Green paint color. It gives you a deep green color that is close to black. Yet, the green vibe is still strong in this color.

  1. Seaweed Green

If you are looking for the most versatile dark green, Seaweed Green is the best choice. It works on everything. You can use it on the bedroom wall for a glamorous bar accent. This dark green works well to create the vibe that you want.

  1. Dark Teal

Dark Teal is also known as royal dark green. Even though we said it is a royal dark green, it doesn’t mean you can only use it in the classic style room. Mix it with blue and grey, and you can also use it in a simple and minimalist modern style.

  1. Basil Green

Basil green is one of the traditional green paint colors that you can find on many old houses. It creates a room with a classic vibe with unique warmth. Therefore, it is the best color for the room where you spend time relaxing, like the library or kitchen.

  1. Hunter Green

Hunter Green is the neutral color in the dark green paint colors. It means you can use it as the main color or accent color for various rooms. It is also a good choice for making the bright color has color focal points. Therefore, you can find this color in most white kitchens or powder rooms. Moreover, you can use it on the kitchen’s island as well.

Tips to Pick the Best Dark Green Paint Colors

Those are the ten most popular dark green paint colors you can find on the market. You also should know how to choose the best dark green color for your room. Here are tips you can use for choosing the best dark green color.

  • Choose the Color That Can Give You the Vibe

We have explained what kind of nuance you can get from those dark green paint colors. Therefore, you should consider this part when you pick the dark green color for your room. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create for that room? The answer will lead you to the best dark green color choice you need.

  • How You Will Use It

You should decide how you will use the dark green color for your room. Some colors might be too strong for painting all walls in the room but is a perfect choice for accent color. The other colors can give you a balanced color for the main wall paint.

  • Match It with the Furniture 

Choose the color that matches the furniture you use in the room. It is related to the furniture style (modern or classic) and color. Some dark green color is a perfect pair for modern or classic color. Moreover, the dark color also can match the bright or dark color on your furniture.


We hope this article helps you to find the best dark green paint for your room. Choose one of the colors we mentioned here, or you also can find other colors and use our list as a reference. It also might be difficult to apply them to your room. If that happens, use a professional painting service. They know how to use the dark green color perfectly and the result will also be much better. So, try the best dark green paint now! 

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